my job update..

i will’s been a while….but there’s a reason….work, and lots of it…as some of you know i got hired on with Austin Audio and Video for the summer…they have already developed a fairly well known reputation around central texas and the state as well….notable installations include the texas senate chambers and disch falk field at that one school in austin…disch falk was a permanent/temporary install…it was completed fully before the season began, but with the season over and full construction going on, we had to uninstall everything basically but the speakers and speaker cable runs..sounds a lot easier than it was, believe me…the project i’ve been at from the beginning is a new middle school being built in east austin (scary i know) over by the expo center…construction site, so it was definitely another world…believe me when i say i look like a moron in a hard hat…we’ve been there for the most part of 2 wks, and have to this point completed the speaker hangs in the gym (all 23 speakers), the cable runs to a certain point (waiting on electricians to finish some pipe)..we’re also doing the cafetorium sound system (which the electricians havent even begun to start our piping) so other than that, the only other project i know coming up at some point is FBC New Braunfels installing at least a new digital console, not sure if it’s a complete sound install or not, but wiring for the digital console will just be fiber optic, so a lot less things to deal with for sure…

wish i could post pics, but i dont wanna break my camera on the jobsite and i dont have picture mail on my phone yet…astonishing i know

until next time


1 Response to “my job update..”

  1. 1 Jeremy Hellums June 5, 2007 at 1:37 am

    It would be great to see a picture in the hardhat, For sure!

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