Christians vs. Atheists

i just got done watching an abc nightline special including kirk cameron and his partner from “way of the master.” nightline had them debate an apparently well known atheist couple…martin brasheer ran the debate (the guy who notoriously interviewed michael jackson)i wasnt too fond of how abc ran the debate, but thats not my point here. the show was pretty lame and they showed maybe 5 clips from the debate. all the while God was breaking my heart for these people. after the show they opened a chat room on their site to let people debate the existence of God. too often, we as Christians get caught up in our own wars between conventions and legalities, when there are lost and dying people that arent attacking which side of the baptists are correct, they’re attacking that our Saviour even exists. we have our blinders on and focus on pointless stupid things within the body when our focus needs to resemble that of Christ’s. please recognize i include myself in the “our.” i just wanted to share some of what these people are saying. there were thousands of posts, but these 2 really broke my heart.

“I agree, and also, it is funny how many books were left out of the bible, such as the Gnostic Documents. No Christians really know about them though. It is funny how Atheists are better educated about Christianity than the Christians are. That is probably why we are atheist, because we know about the ludicrous religion and have come to the conclusion that it is irrational.”

“I would like to know if God does exist, why would he let me as a child and so many other children be molested. That is all I want to know. What kind of God is he.”

hopefully thought provoking..the link up top is to the chat room and you can read the what im sure will be several thousand posts.


1 Response to “Christians vs. Atheists”

  1. 1 Nic May 10, 2007 at 6:35 am

    a good challenge for us all…i get so sick and tired of us as the church being so worried about our own crap that we forget that most of what we worry about, spend money on, and argue over is really just that – crap. we should be finding ways to communicate the lifechanging love of jesus to those who have yet to experience it.

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