the Goodwill extravaganza

dear fellow bloggers,

have you ever wondered if God gives you things in your day so that you can have something to write? not necessarily life changing, just an occurrence…

anywho, so this past wknd i was headed home again…long story as to the reason why i was headed home, but anyway my friday started off with class as normal at 11, then i was to head home after…on the way home from class, my battery light pops on and off a few times…so i take it in to firestone here in CS to get her seen about…well they call back and tell me i need a battery…which is fine, lets do it and i can be on my way…i get the battery, head out and find myself 45 mins out of CS and about 40 mins from any sign of civilization and the light comes back on. i think to myself “those peeps apparently didn’t fix the dang problem.” so i call the guy and tell him what has happened. he says “you have 2 options, either bring it back here, or head on to austin to another firestone. either way, it might die.” im thinking oh great. these people are real professionals. so i figure i will head on and limp my way to austin. i make it fine to the firestone on research and the lady will take a peek. i needed a black sport coat for saturday evening, and i needed to look at goodwill anyway, just so happens the firestone was nearest my most favorite goodwill in austin…so i end up crossing 2 access roads and walk about a mile to the goodwill….find a jacket thats a tad too big, dont end up getting it, but i do end up sorting through their thousand or so t-shirts and i only get 2…but hey, they’re 1.99…thats some SWEET ACTION…but wait..there’s more…while waiting for my car to be done, i realize they have records there…

side note-i am in the middle of collecting some sweet old and new school records for a little artwork to adorn whatever digs i may obtain next yr…kind of like itunes on my wall so-to-speak…i love my itunes and i love the new artwork thing…so im gonna obtain records from ebay and wherever else (2 john mayer vinyl’s are currently en route from ebay people) and then proceed to put them in record frames from urban outfitters and mount those suckers on my wall…

back to my goodwill story, i sorted through a few hundred records and found a police record entitled the synchronicity as well as a U2 War album..both 1.99!…so im pretty excited about my collection…so the second firestone found nothing wrong w/my car, except they would love to put a new alternator in…i bet they would…just like i would like to fly to the moon…which would probably be chaper than a new firestone alternator…so we take it to our mechanic in lockhart…..everybody has one of those…everybody is a tim the tool man taylor and likes their own mechanics….especially my dad….even our mechanic couldnt find out anything…so i drive on…if you see a silver mercedes on the side of the road…its not me….but if you see a silver taurus..then thats me….and im broke down….cuz my car has baffled modern mechanics..i dont recommend it

until next time


2 Responses to “the Goodwill extravaganza”

  1. 1 Nic April 24, 2007 at 1:21 am

    how come in that entire story you never mention that the reason you were coming home to Lockhart as a college freshman at Texas A&M was to go the the Lockhart High School prom? Just thought people oughta’ know that…lol.

  2. 2 JMob April 24, 2007 at 3:27 pm

    whatever homo…dont hate cuz im a nice guy

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