the turgeon general

so we hired a new men’s basketball coach this wk…you might not know that because ut announced kevin durant going pro on the same day, within an hour of our press conference…funny how that happens…but i was skeptical about this guy, he supposedly was a good player at kansas, and had some assistant coaching experience and a head coach gig, but could he coach big XII? that still remains to be proven, but what i was impressed with was his character…he was here monday of this wk seeing the campus and whatnot, job was offered to him monday night….instead of waiting on the press conference and sending his players text messages telling them what was about to happen, he flew back and had a 3 hour late night mtg with his now former players….and when asked about that in the press conference, he teared up and had to compose himself..and he made the statement “guys, there’s a lot more to life than college basketball…there’s a big world out there.” most big time college coaches would never say that…they want their players to believe there is nothing else but basketball…not the turgeon general… i cant say we’re gonna be a great team next year, but i know it’s gonna be done with class…gone are the days of the infamous smirk on the aggie’s coach…the turge is here!


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