abstract johnny cash’s are fun

well folks, i’m sitting at a new coffee shop in town, its been open a few months now, but i had never brought myself to try it…i’m overly picky about not only my coffee, but my coffee shops….well this one’s a winner..”it’s a grind”..its not real big, and the music, although cool, is a bit too loud making my norah jones listening experience off my ipod a bit difficult….the workers have a bit of the ci ci’s feel….someone walks in, they say “hi welcome to its a grind”…friendly atmosphere, they bring your coffee to you, right beside ben & jerry’s (which both of these together could make me spend large sums of money real quick)….one more and i’m done…they have this huge abstract painting of johhny cash sitting over their fireplace….2 very unique things im digging…i think i’ll be here more often..

was supposed to work twice last wk, both were canceled (thank goodness) due to rain….this wk i was supposed to work today, tomorrow, sat. and sunday…today and tomorrow have been canceled due to big screen issues…which is fine bcuz

1. i dont like tennis
2. i need to study

so thats what im attempting now, studying about geography….whatever that really is….wedding and morning after wedding blog still in the works…stay tuned..in the mean time check this guy out:

until next time


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