the impromptu-surreal movie scene

so im sitting in the MSC flag room minding my own business, downloading (legally) the new passion itunes bundle, and the guy sitting directly across from me is also on his computer….and we both are just minding our own business, then all of a sudden he gets a phone call….im not one to pry, usually, so i didnt listen at first, i listened to my newly bought music…..well not 2 minutes goes by when he is talking at a normal tone of voice, which is too loud for such a “study-full” place…so i begin listening, thinking “he must not care if i listen due to the fact he is talking so loud.” so soon enough i begin to see he has not far removed from a relationship…apparently his ex-girlfriend was on the other end, and her voice was raised on the other end of the call, so i can hear bits and pieces of her too…this guy basically sounded like a torn up individual, he went home yesterday after class and threw up all afternoon, his thoughts on her leaving him for another man was that she just left and didnt take her long to jump in the sack with the other guy……this is not a paraphrase folks, this was exactly this guy’s words….i felt like i was in the middle of a movie scene honestly…..and the guy was you know, a pretty hefty guy from what i could see….well apparently he started to tear up, i know this bcuz i heard the quiver in his voice, and he said he was doing ok until she brought weight into their argument…..and at this point i feel sorry for the guy, thinking he is just another victim of our sometimes ruthless, yet God-given counterparts- WOMEN..(just playin mom…i love you)…poor guy… after about 15 or probably 20 mins of this convo about how he is such a mess, he packs his things and walks out…still on the phone….and i must say…..even though i felt sorry for the guy, i had to seriously hold myself back from laughing out loud… was very surreal….a quote from a professor i once had came to mind…”i dont own a cell phone bcuz i dont want other people to know my personal business.”….i think this guy should’ve followed suit..people..strange interesting guy,…lets not air our dirty laundry out so much…for the children’s sake

its been an already interesting 3 hrs in my day, at least i now have my coffee…

until next time, have a blessed day


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