an "i will survive"-birthday

well today is pretty much the backend of my crazy wknd…i didnt work very much during the wk..for some unknown reason softball decides to host another tourny, so i was at softball pretty much all afternoon friday. we shut down halfway through their game to carry everything over to baseball so another crew could put on one of our baseball teams 4 games this wknd.. they too are hosting a tourny; and last night they hosted oregon state, the defending national champs (which i wasnt aware of until my sister informed me moments before the game..i did basketball today..senior day..hopefully we showed our 6 seniors that we really have appreciated them…and funny that the team we faced today (mizzou) now has our old head coach (Melvin Watkins) as an asst…he recruited for ex. acie..more to come on the game though at a later date..

yesterday late afternoon my parents arrived in town to spend last night and most of today with us, seeing as how my dad’s b-day was today, march 3rd…so we took them to the baseball game…they enjoyed it i believe… its interesting bcuz each sport’s home games have different traditions…football has the yells of course, so does basketball..but the little things like the left right left right after an opposing player fouls out, or holding up papers out of the batallion that say BTHO whoever we are playing, then when the lights go off throwing them in the air; baseball too has its own things…for ex: the pa people play the whats usually know as “da da dun dun dun dun :charge” well they play that, then whenever the right moment for “charge” is supposed to come in, we yell the pitchers name…its not much but its small things that keep it fun and fresh…..

i must share the card i got my dad….i dont really remember most of what was on the front, just about how he’s survived fashion changes ect…then open it up and the song “i will survive” plays…haha i thought that was fitting

until next time


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