its a record

well this wknd i found myself at home for the 4th straight wknd….this time it was man shower time…not mine by any means, it was Jer’s man shower…my first shower experience of any kind…it couldnt just be a shower….no no…thats girly stuff…we had to put emphasis on the MAN part…we played no games or whatever the women do at a shower…we had man food (KRUEZ), man talk (what was said at KRUEZ, stays at KRUEZ), and we gave man presents….although im sure kari would have for sure enjoyed getting tools and water hose roller uppers and mag lights….we had a good time, my cut of shoulder wasnt as good as some others i sat near and wanted to trade pieces of beef….thats not picky, thats just knowing what you like and i like me some shoulder with the most amount of beef….just tryin to get my money’s worth….but the shower went good, we all had a good time….after the shower i went w/nic and jer to what i thought was going to be a viewing of reno 911…turned out after they bought my tix, i found out we would be seeing hannibal rising…not normally my cup of tea, but it was ok….except for the loud, underage kids sitting directly behind us constantly talking and cursing…but i have a great tu-aggie story…

so we enter the lockhart theatre and im kind of hungry due to my lack of a good cut of shoulder (see above) and i decide since one of these great guys bought my ticket, the least i could do would be to buy the snacks…..well i order up a tub of popcorn, my movie theatre norm, and whats the best way to wash all that buttery goodness down? you guessed it, a large DP….and so i order up a large DP and the girl’s hand heads for this extremely burnt cup with all this 2005 natl champs mumbo-jumbo….and im like hold on….this cant be happening…these peeps are 2 yrs removed from winning the natl championship and they still have these cups…now a yr ago i can see that but cmon…..we dont have 2005 NIT co-champs or w/e our b-ball team did a few yrs ago… i tell the girl “im not drinking out of that…you dont have any more large cups?” she replies “no thats all we have. i can give you 2 mediums for the large price.” and i think to myself “although that is a heck of a deal bcuz that would be more than the large holds, that would put me in the bathroom a few times” so i decline and tell the guys “i would buy ya’lls drink but i know ya’ll are gonna get those cups so you can get your own drinks.” and i know what your thinking, pettyness at its best…..but the sips gotta learn somehow….but its not their fault…its the theatre’s fault…which is pathetic…now if they were just getting rid of the cups, i can understand that…but i have never seen those there before; not even after they won 2 yrs ago… needless to say, i got my medium and protested the theatre by not getting a large and them not getting their $.25 more…so there…..

slow wk this wk….phone hrs today as usual, but no work until the wknd…softball fri afternoon and last mens b-ball game of the yr saturday v. mizzou…should be tests just a project due at some point….cheers to a great wk

until next time


1 Response to “its a record”

  1. 1 Nic February 28, 2007 at 8:19 pm

    There is a reason you don’t have “2005 NIT Co-Champs” cups…because no one cares who wins the NIT because only crappy teams play there….HOOK ‘EM!

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