2 in a row is tiring

well my 2nd straight Dnow wknd is done…and i am pooped….although i am tempted to say i enjoyed this wk a bit more, i cannot…both wknds had their ups and downs, both allowed me to hang out with close friends, and both allowed me to be involved in some media capacity…and more importantly, both allowed me to be apart of what God is doing in 2 different churches and their youth groups…i also had the privilege of hearing/meeting a worship leader i’ve heard so much about, mostly from my dad…lindsey kane, who i’ve heard of periodically due to the face that i am on greg carnes email list and see her name pop up often as many major bands opening act as they come through san antone…my dad had the privilege of hearing her at an indie showcase somewhere, and he was most impressed. once again seeing how networking is so important, i also found out nic knew her from previous work he has been involved in. it was a pleasure to work with her, i enjoyed her stuff very much and look forward to hearing her during the Beach Break camp this summer. you can check her out on myspace as well as the rest of the world basically. i have a crazy rest of my wk ahead, work pretty much all day tomorrow with 2 softball games followed an hr later by a women’s basketball game i am supposed to work as well…test fri morning, then headed back home for a wknd of Jeremy’s “Man Shower” at Kruez and hopefully some more hang time with friends and family.

Until next time


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