Face melting rock + fully hubcapped room=face melting hubcaps

busy february 07 wknd part 2 consisted of the yearly Pflugerville DNow, something i’ve been apart of for 3 or 4 years now..and for what i think to be the 2nd yr in a row, we had the same lineup for speaker and band…the speaker being Pat Camarratta (no clue on spelling but you get the idea…good stuff as always with JCB and the boys…always a pleasure to work with a band you like to listen to, get along with, and enjoy hanging out after show…they’re one of the easiest bands to mix for, but thats probably due to the fact i know the material…made some recordings of the sessions and also made a video (down below)…other than that, during the wknd i got to meet my parents for lunch with stanley at mcalister’s deli, and in the words of my father when looking for a place to eat wherever we are; “there’s always mcalister’s deli” haha….so we met them there and stayed for about 3 hours just chatting….alos had a good wknd hanging out with stanley and mrs windy, got to see my little pimp daddy jordan just basically sunday..but the time spent with him was nonetheless fun…i had my first chuy’s experience on saturday night when we all went to eat with the band, i guess i never ventured to chuy’s because there’s not one in south austin…and i had already eaten so i wasnt hungry and didnt get the full effect, but i did have the queso and that was killer…we ate in a room where the whole ceiling and i believe the whole wall was covered in hubcaps…which was interesting..got flbc dnow this wknd so hopefully i will have more to report next wk…got softball all day tomorrow, and in the cold that will not be fun!! so until next time


1 Response to “Face melting rock + fully hubcapped room=face melting hubcaps”

  1. 1 Kyle February 18, 2007 at 1:27 am

    hey bro – good to see you as always, thanks for doing such a rocking job of making us sound rocking… no easy task! i like the video also.

    sorry we missed you this weekend at hot hearts, it was good fun.

    next time you’re headed to austin, make sure you fast for breakfast and lunch and we’ll hit some chuy’s the way it was meant to be partaken of.


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