Chili Bowl, HD, and T-Sips

despite the ridicule of my readers this past wknd, i now have something to blog about….chili bowl wknd/superbowl wknd/big monday….(pic of me working that a guy i work with took)

first things first…i wasnt even supposed to go home last wknd…earlier in the wk i had received my work schedule and i was scheduled all day saturday that 3rd for tennis….not looking forward to that all wk, Friday afternoon about 230 after eating lunch w/clay i checked my work email and found out the tennis match was canceled due to wet conditions the truck couldnt be parked…so then i head home with the intent of making it before 5 to get my nap cut…got that done, had dinner with my parents and some friends…saturday brought chili first as an adult…so i figured this would give me a chance to win….and we won…and even though i first thought i would miss playing with the youth, i really didnt….the adult team had one major difference..ok maybe 2….the first of course being soreness (which ashamedly i experienced as well)..the second being the lack of drama….and if you’ve never been on the youth teams side, you might have no clue what i’m talking about…but spend about 10 mins on their side during the game and you will experience what i’m talking about…

super bowl sunday was cool….watched the game at the pittman’s with the youth IN HD!!! and football in HD is amazing, but football in the rain in HD is even more amazing….so it was sweet…

BIG MONDAY….woke up in LOC so obviously skipped class, just really had to do a quiz for history online…and i did well i might add…had lunch w/my pops then left for college station…..crew call was at 5, an hr before what it usually is due to the doors opening for the insane fans… my long night began at 5 and immediately i walked into Reed Arena, and even though nobody was in there, you could feel the excitement…maybe because right when i walked in i saw Dickie V. (the most legendary college basketball guru) taping an interview to air on sportscenter….students came pouring in at 6, two hrs before tip-off….they love dickie v so i got to tape a piece with him and some of the students, which apparently showed up on half time highlights thanks to clay….the game was electric, but even more so coming off a huge win against Kansas just 3 days prior…so most of you saw the game know we won, but TU came out firing second half but showed they dont have the depth we do..and Durant is soft on the inside and before he goes to the NBA he needs to put some weight and muscle on…his pants are high waters for cryin out loud bcuz Nike doesnt make stuff that tall and skinny..anywho…but good for Nic, his NC boys squeaked by last nite….anywho….got home at 12 monday night to get up at 7am the next morning…and if you know me, you know that just dont happen…but it did and so that began my week…im home just about every weekend this month, february always being my crazy month….but this yr school and work just about doubles it….look forward to this wknd w/the boys of Justin Cofield Band….should be good times…until next time


1 Response to “Chili Bowl, HD, and T-Sips”

  1. 1 Nic February 13, 2007 at 10:25 pm

    you just had to blog about big monday didn’t ya…it’s ok though because my heels beat dook at cameron and sent them into a weekend that would lead to them being out of the top 25 for the first time in over 200 weeks. that also keeps them from breaking the record for most consecutive weeks ranked as well, which is always good to do to dook. anyway, hope your weekend @ p’ville was good and stan and tom didn’t give you too much crap to do.

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