Pre-Semester in review

i cant call this semester in review, even though it is complete…problem is, grades havent come out so therefore it isnt totally complete..and due to this lack of grades, i am nervous still…but this time as many before and many in the future, it is solely in God’s hands..and for that i am very very greatful because i even though i try i could never do it alone..just so happens i am listening to an appropriate MuteMath song:

“take control of the atmosphere
take control of the atmosphere
you can take my world you can fill the air
take control…..take control
such a beautiful surrender, such a beautiful surrender
such a beautiful surrender, such a beautiful surrender”

as you know…all 1 of you reading this…on tues. of this wk we had an unfathomable amount of equipment stolen….for no reason other than to take whatever they could…im sure they didnt know what they had and still might not….i pray this time the cops look at the truck’s tags and pull em over before they know what hit em…but as much as i feel this affects me, im not one of the ones that had large sums of money, and a large part of my life invested in all of that…and that part of it angers me even more…while i know the good side right now is nobody got hurt and whatnot, had i been out there i woulda fought for that PA….i wouldnt fight over petty things like some girl in 8th grade or some stupid drivers that cut me off on the highway…no no….i would fight for that PA…as i believe Luda speaks of a different kind of “money maker”…that was our money maker….and i was gonna fight….but not given the oppurtunity and left with such a helpless, shocked feeling hurts…we were going to use that equipment this coming sunday for a choir special at our church…what has become a yearly tradition the past 3 or 4 years….and this year the plans have to be changed…..all because some cowards wanna steal stuff they cant work for themselves….well u know what cowards?? i have prayed for you….prayed you would find salvation…in jail…. after you get stopped wherever…with all our stuff….thats not too much to ask is it????

until next time…
ps-Merry early Christmas!

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