days like today

well nobody commented to me about my last post so idk if people read it at all and idk if anybody reads my blog….oh well i have big shoulders…hahaha

first off let me say a huge thanks that i left out last time i believe to my parents for their support during that wk now over 4 yrs ago

on to today….im in the flag room in the famous MSC….and since its a flag room and they have diveristy stuff here, i just watched a phillipine dance show..they only did one dance with some huge stick but it was quite interesting…its like 32 degrees today or something…but it feels wonderful in here…day got started off by 5 hrs of sleep on a double test day (not suggested)…got out of the shower and was about to get dressed when i banged my knee on my dresser…wooden dresser…lets just say it didnt back down..and i lost…so i laid on my bed in pain for about 20 mins then noticed i was late..supposed to leave the house at 840, i was still agonizing in pain at 835 undressed… i rush to get dressed and get out the door….so i do and i make it to sweet eugenes to get my day started right….white mocha and a dozen doughnut holes…and to the inventor of sissy coffee (stuff actually w/taste and not all black)….i thank you……anyways…i get to the reed and the bus stop and was greated by hurricane-force winds that froze my face onto my body for decades to come….no bus was in sight, so i tell myself im gonna wait, but not long…first bus im taking…..first bus that came wasnt mine…..but as any warm blooded human did….i took it…..too dang cold to wait….so i take this bus, having no idea where the route goes….class begins at 935, and today was test day…..test number dos day…finally i find a stop thats relatively close to my class a 920…needless to say i made it..with time to spare…wrote my 2 essays…i thought i did quite well…test again tonite in ASL….which i like the class..but hate the tests….so we shall see….stay warm

until next time

Current Listening:five for fighting “two lights”
augustana “all the stars and boulevards”
norah jones “come away with me”
chris botti “december”

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