Sweet Eugene!!!!

sitting at the Sweet Eugene’s House of Java bcuz my net doesnt work at the apt yet, i am overjoyed bcuz i am finally surfing!! as bad as it sounds, its a great feeling…even though this place is a little too loud to do any homework sometime, the wi-fi is all that matters….first official nights in college station went good…last night thru tomorrow morning is first by myself and im doin fine….just the banging of overhead neighbors this morning awakened me….went to the store last night, got a few items….chick-fil-a for lunch….mmmmm…..the new milk shake is wonderful there, but never seems to agree with my stomach for some reason…got books yesterday, glad to report they werent as much as expected…dreading starting school monday, but ready to get it here….and overwith….jamming one of the songs of “see the morning” by tomlin, good tunes….song called “everlasting God” by brenton brown…cant wait to hear the album…hmmmm what else….oh….last fri. went great…Justin Cofield Band belated-cd release party….the guys sounded awesome, the rig sounded awesome (thanks to my system tech stanley)….the band wives were very complimentary of the overall sound…which….i dont dispute, but i know the glory is all for God….gettin frustrated can’t get my aim downloaded back…dreading my mtg tonite for work….ready to go home tomorrow for a few days b4 the semester picks up…sooo until next time…..holler


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