Christmas!!!!!!!! Yipee

yay….Christmas time is finally upon us…quite possibly my most favorite time of year, in the running with summer….i love the lights, occasional glimpse of possible snow….and the lights…..they all just make it such a joyous season and then there are the people that try to ruin it by stressing out because of last minute sales…and pulling in a parking spaces when u have your blinker on to pull in…..or bumping into you to get the last of something so they can have it for their own gift….but hey…im not bitter….not in the least….got to go to college station on wed. till today and attented a girls b-ball game and watched clay in acton, then on thurs. went to see the men play auburn…good game, and nice turn out….at the womens game, some eager kid tried to steal a shirt that was thrown up in mine and megans direction….we were the only ones in our section, and the dude saw that and threw it up to us….then as i go down to get it, 2 little kids ranging in ages from about 8 to 12 run and finds the shirt before i do…even though it wont fit for about another 6 years….so the guy that threw it saw this take place, and came and gave us another one…presents came early as usual this yr…..pretty sweet things….headed on a road trip tomorrow with the fam (i pray i dont strangle one of em in the next wk…or ever for that matter) we’re headed to ft. worth for 2 days, then to college station for a night, then to beaumont for another night w/ clay….should be fun…fielder road baptist is on the agenda for sunday morning….i always enjoy going there…they’re doing good things……Merry Christmas to all…to all….until next time…

“take this world from me…i dont need it anymore….for i have been set free….my heart is spoken for”–mercy me


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