yay for christmas!!!!

“no way november will see our goodbyes, when it comes to december its obvious why, no one wants to be alone at Christmas time”-“St Patricks Day” John Mayer. Yeah its Christmas time, not no holiday time….its CHRISTmas time….i had a pretty easy time of buyin presents this yr for the most part….last yr it was horendous…last wk went well at the musical thingy (good job pops) and special thanks to my co-workers for makin it all go so bueno (jer-bear)……im tryin to decide on a laptop for the all-important graduation present….thing is, they aint cheap….and being a computer geek, i gotta have the best thing on the market…so a pic follows of what i dream of day and night…donations accepted….until next time (next time i’ll prolly be done w/ finals and be ready for bowl games)


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